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D) Livlihood - Self-Help Group)

A sincere request by the then SDM cum BDO to suggest some inovative ideas for SHGs, motivated us to launch this project on 9th January'23. Under this project, we have conducted six trainings of 30 SHG women, on two innovative product ideas. Cotton jhola - it is part of our larger plastic free Harakh initiative. We supply them cotton material, SHGs will make Jhola and market it locally and with the help of BRLM of Harakh block. Gratitude Smileys - for this unique product, we provide market as we buy it back from them.

D) Livlihood - Self-Help Group)

Training of SHGs in innovative products. Launched on 9th January'23, we have conducted three trainings on two products. For one product, we are provinding market and the other will be marketed locally with the help of DRLM program of Harakh block.

The first one is to make daily use jholas from used bedsheets, to reduce plastic use in Harakh block. The project has dual objective, income generation as well as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and make Harkah plastic free.

The second product is 'Gratitude Smiley'. The women have been trained to make smiley and a beautiful pouch. This product is bought by TSF for its Gratitude mission.

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