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City of Gratitude

Vibha, the Founder of TSF has been leading Global Gratitude Mission since 2012, by offering Gratitude Joyshops, in the domain of Positive Pysychology & Wellbeing. She proposed to launch an initiative & make Barabanki world's first city of gratitude. The proposal was approved by the District Magistrate and this unique initiative was launched on 27th May 2023, by Ms. Ekta Singh, IAS, Chief Deveelopment Officer. The inaugural Joyshop was attended by Block Development Officers & district level officials. In coming months, other departments would host the Joyshop for their staff.  

DM Aug'23_edited.jpg
DM Aug'23_edited.jpg


In next five years, conduct a series of Gratitude Joyshops in Barabanki for: District officers, all cadres of staff (department-wise), educational institutions (faculty & students), private sector, elected representatives, youth groups, SHGs, etc. & inclusion of Gratitude in life-skills activities in schools. 

     27th May'23 - District officers who attended the first Gratitude Joyshop

Traininhg & Research

We are exploring partnership with organizations/institutions/individuals to create a pool of Gratitude Facilitators, who, in turm could offer the Joyshop to various levels of audience. Additionally, we will partner with an academic institution/Centres for excellence to develop measures, in terms output, outcome and impact. 

Ms. Ekta Singh, IAS, Chief Development Officer, Barabanki,

launced City of Gratitude initiative on 27th May'23


Sri Avinash Kumar, IAS, District Magistrate, Barabanki, while receiving 'Gratitude Smiley' made by SHG of Harakh Block . 

Launch 1 copy_edited.jpg


The initiative would harness technology for two objectives, 1) to scale-up and expand reach and 2) to develop an app to hand-hold for 21 days, to support in habit formation, for daily guidance to mainstream gratitude in their daily routine lives. 

Jal Shukriya Chaupal

Under our City of Gratitude initaitive, on one hand we will conduct Gratitude Joyshops for various stakeholders and on the other hand, we have started conducting simple gratitude activities related to water bodies, trees, books, land, etc., with villagers. 

The first such activity was launched on 18th June'23, in Satrikh, where  Jaldoot and WaterHero Sri Nandkishore Verma, addressed the villagers about clealiness of water bodies, water table & water harvesting.  


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