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Join us !
As a Volunteer, Intern or Well-wisher! 

Come as a resident volunteer, offer your time and skills & in the process discover who you are, in addition to gaining rich experience in a challenging environment. If our purpose calls you, do connect.
Here is what our volunteers & interns shared about their experience.
Amit Mahadevia, Yale University

I chose to intern at Muskaan because I was drawn to its holistic approach to development & the opportunity to work directly with the founder and get a lot of valuable experience.  My experience has been absolutely incredible. I’ve been able to have a tremendous

amount of leadership and responsibility while being able to collaborate with a team. Vibha’s leadership style is one that fosters individual leadership and group collaboration.  Working and traveling with the Muskaan team I learned so much about the social sector, India, and myself,  it was definitely a life changing experience.

Jasnoor, Gujrat University

I will forever remain grateful to be part of Muskaan's  Project Faithkeepers, spearheaded by Vibha. She was prompt to understand and respond to the impending mental health challenges resulting from COVID-19 that could have further strained the already overburdened health care system. The project and its vision reflect her extraordinary prescience. Being a student of Psychology, I learnt lot and enjoyed additional my role as Project Coordinator. Thank you Vibha for laying your faith in me and for the gratifying experience of giving back to society, albeit in a small capacity.

Tae-Yeoun Keum, Yale University

I was attracted to the fact that Muskaan was a very new

organization, and thereby guaranteed the pleasure of seeing immediate results even from two

months’ work. I had enormous freedom to choose the assignments I’d take on. My work was the ideal balance between creating short-term, tangible projects & research-based concept development for Muskaan’s imminent projects.  Being a part of

the Muskaan team was a valuable experience. Throughout the internship, Vibha, the two other interns & I respected each other both as colleagues and as friends.

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