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Our approach is integrated hence our projects are in all thematic areas that touch a human being's life. Projects may read like verticals, but most of them are inter-connected. Various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been identified with all the projects mentioned here. 

A) Mental Health Awareness Project

The first phase was launched in August'22, in partnership with Department of Development Communication & Extension, Lady Irwin College, RAHAT Trust, New Delhi and BBD University, Lucknow. The purpose of this project is to break silence around mental health issues, provide correct knowledge and involve youth to be the voice for this change. The second phase was launched in February'23, in partnership with Regional Youth Welfare Program. Two days training was held on 16th -17th March23, for 25 youth at Harakh block. The training was conducted by Prof Aparna Khanna and Ms. Aprajita Sharma from LIC. The trained youth have reached 700+ people in Harakh block.

B) Library & Creative Learning Centre

This centre has been launched on 1st June'23, with support from Muskaan and Aseem Trust. It has a library for children and adolescents and creative activities to impart life-skills.

C) Girls Fellowship & Mentorship Program

Under this program, 30 girls studying in class 11th in Govt. schools, would receive support for academic excellence, mentoring, employability skills, life-skills and scholarship, over five years period. Launched on 4th November'23, by the Joint Magistrate, BBK, in collaboration with Udayancare, Delhi and DIOS/GGIC Barabanki.

D) Livlihood - Self-Help Group)

A sincere request by the then SDM cum BDO to suggest some inovative ideas for SHGs, motivated us to launch this project on 9th January'23. Under this project, we have conducted six trainings of 30 SHG women, on two innovative product ideas. Cotton jhola - it is part of our larger plastic free Harakh initiative. We supply them cotton material, SHGs will make Jhola and market it locally and with the help of BRLM of Harakh block. Gratitude Smileys - for this unique product, we provide market as we buy it back from them.

E) Bridge to Govt. Services

We at TSF believe in complimenting work of the local government, instead of duplicating work. The objective of this program is to impart information about government schemes/services and encourage local community to access such services/schemes. Under this program, we have been instrumental in getting two schemes approved for Satrikh village - 1) Amrit Sarovar to rejuvinate and beautify a pond and 2) develop a playground to promote sports among local youth.

F) Cultural Well-being

This project is about Saree bank, to addresses a socio-cultural needs of women. Just like sisters/friends borrow sarees from one another, we will operationalise our first pilot project of saree bank in 2024. Good condition but not-in-use, Sarees will be donated by urban women and those will be given to rural women on rent, so that on formal occasions these women do'nt have to face the burden of buying new sarees. The bank will run like a social enterprise by a local village woman.

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