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C) Girls Fellowship & Mentorship Program

Under this program, 30 girls studying in class 11th in Govt. schools, would receive support for academic excellence, mentoring, employability skills, life-skills and scholarship, over five years period. We are in the final stage of four step selection process and the program will be launched on 4th November'23, in collolaboration with Udayancare, Delhi.

C) Girls Fellowship & Mentorship Program

In partnership with NGO Udayan Care (, TSF will be a chapter convenor for Udayan Shalini Fellowship program. Under this program, 30 less-privileged girls would receive support for their educational needs, career guidance, employability skills, life-skills, and mentorship support for five years, beginning July 2023.

They will be supported to pursue higher studies in the streams of their choice. Additionally, they will receive mentorship, life skills workshops, 52 hours of social service, etc. as part of the fellowship.

Sustainable Development Goals: 4,5 & 10

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