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Muskaan (Smile)

Registered in 2007 as a Trust (NGO), Muskaan is a volunteer-run non-profit organisation. Vibha initiated Muskaan in response to the challenges she faced in the outer world (work & society in general) and to fulfil her deep desire to nurture the human Spirit. Vibha believes that when it comes to integrity, compassionate leadership, courage and humility, what matters the most are individuals who lead an organisation, with such values. This belief inspired Vibha to focus on nurturing individuals through Muskaan’s innovative projects. 

Muskaan exists to promote Kindness, Gratitude & Happiness globally and integrated eco-village development in Satrikh, Uttar Pradesh. We are selective about whose donation to accept and whom to associate with as staff or volunteers. Muskaan’s work has been funded mmainly byVibha’s resources and contributions from friends and family. Muskaan has been implementing the following interventions, including two projects to reduce suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Values of Muskaan: Transparency, Integrity, Appreciating Mindfully & Efficiency. 


Project Happiness

Workshops with adolescents on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management. The workshops are conducted in out-of-school settings, in collaboration with NGOs. Arpana Trust has been a partner in this project. Now, the workshop on Project Happiness is conducted at NGOs/schools, etc. 

Project Faithkeepers

In response to COVID-19, we served through this project by offering online sessions and shared neuroscience-based simple tools to manage anxiety. The objective was to build skills to manage anxiety. We reached 18000+ individuals, teachers, health functionaries & youth, and pan India.

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Project Share & Care

This work was started in April'20, during COVID first wave. The objective was to provide immediate relief to those who have lost their livelihood, and need money for health needs and basic food. We shared cooked meals with 150 daily wage earners in Greater Noida and catered to specific needs by providing cash for groceries, tuition fees or health emergencies. The project still continues, at a limited scale, to provide immediate relief to poor people.  

Project Earth Light

Think globally, act locally, is the motto of this project that has been started by young adults, led by 14 years young Suhani. The objective is to motivate young people to take action at the household level, community level and school level. They host conversations about their role in reducing their carbon footprint and reducing pollution.

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Sole to Soul Circles

Vibha holds space for conversations, where all kinds of emotions are welcome. The conversations are gently facilitated, without judging, advising or trying to fix others. The 'Sole to Soul' circles are not workshops or gyan sessions. You might find some answers by listening to others, reflecting or expressing your questions. Some of the themes taken up are birth, death, organ donation, mindful-listening and appreciation.

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