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Let's live in peace, before resting in peace!
Humanely. Holistically. Happily.

About Us 


TaraSri Foundation exists to nurture human potential for happier lives, in harmony with nature & fellow beings.

Holistic Work Themes:

1) Education 

2) Health

3) Environment

4) Enterprenuership

5) Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence

Values (TIME+H):

3)Appreciating Mindfully


5)Healthy Humor


Lead by Vibha,  TSF is a volunteer run oraginaztion. Its vision is inspired by the Mother and compassionate leadership & consciousness, are at its core


1) Knowledge partners 

2) Resource partners (Project specific) 

3) Barabanki Administration

Registered as a non-profit Trust on 21st February 2023,

TaraSri Foundation (TSF) has launched a socio-spiritual intervention, in village Satrikh, Barabanki. Aiming for integrated social-work, TSF projects are designed to promote holistic well-being, at societal & individual levels.


The work of TSF is anchored in systems thinking, the whole person concept and experiential spirituality. The strategic plan of TSF and logframes are in place and yet we work with detachment to outcomes.


Connection with MUSKAAN Trust:

TSF is sister organization of Muskaan & Vibha is the Founder Trustee of both, MUSKAAN & TaraSri Foundation. Work undertaken by MUSKAAN through Project Happiness and Capacity development workshops, for organizations, is now being deepened under TSF, through its Tara@Satrikh intervention, that was started in May'22, in Satrikh, Barabanki, near Lucknow.

Quick Update: Details are on PROJECTS page.
  • Three on-going projects: 1) Library cum Learning  Centre 2) Girls' Fellowship 3) City of Gratitude-BBK.  

  • Two pilot projects 1) Reduce & Repurpose - Cloth Bags  2) Reduce & Reuse - Saree Bank. 

  • Two projects approved by District Administration Barabanki 1) Pond 2) Playground  (mobilising CSR support)

  • One project (being explored) - Restoration & conservation of the Ashram. 

Partners Organizations: Different projects have different type of partnership, e.g., knowledge partner, partial resource support and approval partner. 
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