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F) Spiritual Well-being

Sat-sung Circles, Courses & Gratitude Joyshop

F) Spiritual Well-being

Moving from the Information Age, we are at the door-step of the age of consciousness. The need of the hour is to invest in cultural – spiritual capital and this centre exists for the same. This centre will offer Vibha’s signature courses inspired by vedic wisdom, philosophy of Swami Vivekanand & other such saints and sages, – Conscious Living, Gratitude Joyshops, Sole to Soul Circle, Mindful Living, PanchTatvaYog and Sacred Seven Streams course.
Sacred Seven Streams Course - The seven streams of engagement in this program are:
1. Sewa (Self-less service)
2. Swadhyay (Self study & self-reflection)
3. Sadhna (Meditation practice)
4. Sankeertan (Devotional music)
5. Samvaad - Sat-sung (Spiritual discussions)*
6. Shukriya (Gratitude)
7. Satvik Food (Healthy food).
*The centre will also organise sat-sang with sages and scientists, by hosting them as speakers.

Sustainable Development Goals: 3 & 16

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